Manual Revocation and Replacement Procedure (Revoke and Replace)

General Information ID:    INFO180
Version:    10.0
Published:    07/17/2011
Updated:    02/19/2015


Here are several reasons why you may have to Revoke and Replace your certificate:
Your Private Key is lost, corrupt or mismatched
You forgot your password or Challenge Phrase (Symantec does not have access to your Challenge Phrase. If you continue to have problems remembering your Challenge Phrase, follow the instructions below to continue with the revocation process).
You change server software
You make changes in your server host/key security
You upgrade your key encryption strength
Manual Revocation
Create a letter on company letterhead containing the following information and signature. Fax the letter to 650-429-7365. The revocation process will occur within 24 hours of fax receipt.
Click here for a printable version of the revocation letter. This document is an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file.
2. The Common Name/Web site address used to register.
3. Your request and the reason for the revocation:
Lost/corrupt/mismatch Private key
Password not available
Change to server software brand
Change to server host/key security
Upgrade to key encryption strength
For SSL Products Only
The type of SSL Certificate (Secure Site, Secure Site Pro, OFX).
The server software brand you are operating (if applicable).
1. Signature of the Technical or Corporate Contact of initial enrollment
2. Fax to 650-429-7365 . Within 24 hours of receipt of the fax, your former Certificate will be revoked.
Replacement (After Revocation)
Await the 24 hour revocation process. The revocation status of the Certificate for replacement must indicate 'Revoked' to proceed with the replacement without receiving duplicate errors.
2. Search and retrieve the former ID by Common Name or Order Number. Verify that the record status indicates Revoked.
3. Click Replace.
4. Click Continue without Challenge Phrase. (You will create a new Challenge Phrase in Step 8)
5. Create a new CSR from your web server with the same Certificate naming values that were specified in the former CSR. The values are case and space sensitive.
6. Copy and paste the entire contents of your CSR file including the lines that contain the "begin" and "end" statements into the field provided.
7. Click Continue.
8. Enter all of the information requested in the online form. The Challenge Phrase prompt in the online form will be to specify a *new* Challenge Phrase.
9. Click Accept.

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