Class 1 Digital ID - Installation into Internet Explorer 5.x or higher

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Version:    11.0
Published:    07/22/2008
Updated:    03/08/2013


Internet Explorer 5.x or higher

Important: For this process to work successfully, you must use the same computer, browser and login that was used during enrollment for the certificate.

  1. Shortly after completing enrollment, you will receive two e-mail's from Symantec at the e-mail address you entered in the enrollment form. It will contain instructions for installing the Digital ID.
  2. The email's will contain two important items:
    • Password
    • URL to download the ID (Approval Email)
  3. As the instructions will mention, copy the Password
  4. Note: it is important that the Password does not contain any blank spaces
  5. Go to the URL specified in the email
    Note: this URL can vary depending on whether your enrollment was done  with the Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape browser.
  6. Manually type the Password into the field requesting the Password.
  7. Click Submit
  8. The next page will indicate "Step 4 of 4: Generat Digital ID and Install"
  9. Click Install
  10. A prompt may appear, "This website is adding one or more certificates to this computer. Allowing an untrusted Web site to update your certificates is a security risk. The Web site could install certificates you do not trust, which could allow programs that you do not trust to run on this computer and gain access to your data.
    Do you want this program to add the certificates now? Click Yes if you trust the Web site. Otherwise click No."
  11. Click Yes
  12. A message should appear indicating successful installation

Verify Installation

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Content tab
  3. Click Certificates
  4. The Certificates window will open
  5. Locate the Personal tab
  6. Your Digital ID should be displayed in the list (Persona Not Validated)
  7. Double click on the entry to view the ID's details


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