How to download and install U.S. Government DoD PKI Root and Intermediate CA

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  1. Download the ECA CA Root and Intermediate certificate Zip file using this link in Internet Explorer 32 Bit:

  2. Select Save As and save the Zip file to a local directory on your computer



  3. When your download is complete, click on Open Folder at the bottom of the browser


  4. Right click that file and select "Extract All" from the list.



  1. In the window that pops up, check the "Show extracted files when complete" box. When this finishes, a new window will pop up with the extracted files.



  1. Right click on ECAIntermediate2048.cer and click "Install Certificate”.



  1. Certificate Import Wizard will open, click on next.



  1. On the next page, change the selection to "Place all certificates in the following store."


  2. Just below that and to the right, click on "Browse"

  3. Select the folder named "Intermediate Certification Authorities" and click OK.


  4. Click "Next" and then click "Finish" (If any warnings pop up, click Yes)

  5. A pop up that says “The import was successful” will appear, click OK


  6. Repeat 6-12 for the file named "Verisign G3 Cert Intermediate.p7b".

  7. For the remaining 4 files (dodeca.p7b, dodeca2.p7b, ECARootCA2048.cer, rel3_dodroot_2048.p7b) repeat 6-12, but on step 10 choose "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" instead.


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