How to download SafeNet Authentication Client 8.2 for Windows Software

General Information ID:    INFO1982    Updated:    02/03/2016


Download SafeNet Authentication Client 8.2 ( for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Download SafeNet Authentication Client 9.0 ( for Windows 8 and up.


For use with USB Tokens, Smart Cards, and CAC Cards


Please click on Download, you will see a yellow strip across the top of the screen, please "click here for options".

Click download files, next click download again.  You will see the options to open, save or cancel. Save the file to your desktop.

Once, it is saved and showing on the desktop, please launch the file and start the download.  "32x64 Installer"

53MB • 2.62 hours(s) @ 56k, 6 minute(s) @ broadband

32.8MB • 1.62 hours(s) @ 56k, 4 minute(s) @ broadband

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