INFORMATIONAL: Deprecation of Symantec Certificate Transparency (CT) logs

Alerts ID:    ALERT2596    Updated:    05/09/2018




As part of our infrastructure consolidation DigiCert will be depracating legacy Symantec Certificate Transparency (CT) log servers listed below at the end of September 2018.


CAs apart from DigiCert (legacy Symantec) currently use at least one of these log servers to log their EV/OV certificates.

We strongly recommend that CAs that currently use any of these log servers should start using any other log servers in the CT ecosystem as soon as possible (or set up their log).

This will give these CAs enough time to secure permissions (if required) for using an alternate log server from its operator and complete integration with it. Legacy Symantec log servers will fully cease to operate
after EOL.



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