Errors: 112 or 3a12 after submitting the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file during enrollment

Solution ID:    SO163    Updated:    10/04/2016


These errors occur when an unrecognized file format is being submitted for the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) during enrollment. 
These errors appears when the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file contains invalid formatting, extra characters, extra carriage returns, or if the request is not URL Encoded. Since the enrollment does a FORM POST, so the request needs to be URL Encoded to comply with HTTP Spec.


To resolve the error follow the steps below:
NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 1, obtain the latest Service Pack for Microsoft Windows 2000. Upgrading to the latest Service Pack will generate a PKCS10-formatted renewal request. This problem was first corrected in Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.
For additional information, visit the following Microsoft Web site


1. Open the CSR in an ASCII text editor (Use Notepad or another plain text editor)

2. Ensure that the first line reads -----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
3. Enable Word wrap. (In Notepad, select Format > Word Wrap.)
4. Carefully go through the text to ensure that there are no extra spaces or carriage returns (^M)
5. Ensure that every line of text is on a line of its own, and not combined with another line
7. Re-submit the newly-formatted Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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