Error: "The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid" due to the Intermediate CA Certificate has not been installed on the server

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When accessing a web site, you may receive the following error message:

The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid


This error message may occur if one of the following conditions are true:
  • The Symantec Intermediate Certification Authority (CA) certificate for the Web site has expired
  • The correct Intermediate Certification Authority (CA) certificate was not installed onto the Web server
  • The time and date on the computer being used is incorrect



Step 1:  Verify if the Intermediate CA certificate is expired
  1. Open Internet Explorer and access the web site.
  2. In the Security Warning window, click View Certificate
  3. Click Certification Path tab
  4. Verify if the second or middle certificate has a red X. 

Step 2:  Download the updated Intermediate CA certificate

Click here to download the Intermediate CA certificate

Step 3:  Install updated the Intermediate CA certificate

Click here for instructions on installing the Intermediate CA certificate for a variety of server platform

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