Symantec Safe Site - Enrollment

General Information ID:    INFO1367    Updated:    06/30/2015


To enroll for Symantec Safe Site services, you will need the following information:

  1. The Organization Name.
  2. The registered business address of the Organization (Street address, Locality/City, State and Country).
  3. Payment information and a contact for invoicing.
  4. The URL of your Web site's home page, such as "" or "".
  5. An email address where Symantec can reach you to validate the information.

Authentication and Verification
Upon completion of the enrollment process, Symantec will then proceed with the authentication process. This requires that Symantec can establish that your organization is legitimate, and is registered with the proper government authorities. Verification is the process of confirming that:

  • The Organization is still in business.
  • The Organization owns/has rights to use the domain name listed in the enrollment.
  • The Organizational Contact is a full time employee for the organization listed in the enrollment.
  • The Organizational Contact is aware of the Norton Secured Seal enrollment.

The URL of your Web site's home page
The URL must contain a registered Domain Name. It may look like or If you use a Flash object to redirect to your website, enter the URL of the website where content can be found.

You can display the Norton Secured Seal on any page that is within the domain name of the Web site you specified. Note that if your Web site uses SSL, you must use Symantec SSL in order to display the Norton Secured Seal.

Begin Enrollment
To start the enrollment for a Symantec Safe Site, please visit the Symantec Safe Site Product page.

Once Symantec has validated the information provided, you will receive an email with installation instructions.

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